You further acknowledge and agree that SAO are not securities and are not meant to generate any form of investment return. Persons considering acquiring SAO are responsible for conducting their own due diligence on SAO and should ensure that they understand and are able to bear the risks of purchasing SAO.

Saotoken.io, any related services provided by SAO are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. SAO does not grant any warranties or make any representation, express or implied or otherwise, as to the accessibility, quality, suitability, accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of SAO, or any related services provided by SAO, and expressly disclaims any liability for errors, delays, or omissions in, or for any action taken in reliance on, SAO, and any related services SAO may provide.

No warranty, including the warranties of non-infringement of third-party rights, title, merchantability, satisfactory quality, or fitness for a particular purpose, is given in conjunction with SAO, and any related services provided by SAO.

The regulation of utility tokens such as SAO is still in a very nascent stage of development in Singapore. A high degree of uncertainty as to how tokens and token-related activities are to be treated exists. The applicable legal and regulatory framework may change after the date of issuance of this White Paper. Such change may be very rapid and it is not possible to anticipate with any degree of certainty the nature of such regulatory evolution. SAO does not in any way represent that the regulatory status of INF will remain unaffected by any regulatory changes that arise at any point in time before, during, and after this offering.

None of SAO or its affiliates is currently regulated or subject to the supervision of any regulatory body in Singapore. The SAO Tokens have not been approved, disapproved or recommended by the Securities Authority or any other regulatory authority in any jurisdiction.

No Fiduciary Duties Owed As SAO is not a regulated financial institution, it does not owe holders of SAO any fiduciary duties. This means that SAO has no legal obligation to always act in good faith in the best interests of holders of SAO. While SAO will have regard to the interests of holders of SAO, it is also permitted to consider the interests of other key stakeholders and to prefer these interests over the interests of SAO holders. This may mean that SAO is permitted to make decisions that conflict with, or are not necessarily in, the interests of SAO holders. Not owing any fiduciary duties to holders of SAO also means that holders of SAO may have limited rights of recourse against SAO and its affiliates in the event of disputes.

SAO Token Holders acknowledge and agree that your decision to purchase, hold, and / or use the Tokens is based solely on the right to potentially use the Tokens for the Services (as defined in the Whitepaper) on the INF Platform and not on for any expectation of financial gain because of the fluctuations in the value of the Tokens.

The tax characterization of INF is unclear. Accordingly, the tax treatment to which they will be subject is uncertain. All persons who wish to purchase INF should seek independent tax advice and legal advice prior to deciding whether to purchase any SAO. SAO does not make any representation as to whether any tax consequences may arise from purchasing or holding SAO.

SAO Tokens are blockchain- based utility tokens. The security, transferability, storage, and accessibility of blockchain utility tokens depends on factors outside of our control, such as the security, stability, and suitability of the underlying blockchain and its ecosystem. SAO does not represent or otherwise assure that it can prevent such external factors from having any direct or indirect adverse impact on any SAO Tokens and the SAO platform. The risks associated with building a project dependent on unproven third-party technology (Aura) which is still not fully developed. Any development and tests conducted on alternative platforms such as EOS and Bluezelle are still in its initial stage and may be subjected to change.

In the worst-case scenario, private data stored on the SAO network nodes may potentially be lost or destroyed due to third party platforms and blockchains unsuccessful deployments or executions and/or any other affiliated technology malfunctions and failures which are beyond SAO's control and management.

Persons intending to purchase SAO Tokens should note that adverse events caused by such external factors may results in the loss of some or all SAO Tokens purchased. Such loss may be irreversible. SAO is not responsible for taking steps to retrieve this loss.

SAO cannot and does not guarantee or otherwise assure that there are no risks in relation to your purchase of SAO. The purchase of SAO may, depending on the way the relevant purchase is affected, involve third parties or external platforms (e.g., wallets). The involvement of such parties or platforms may introduce risks that would not otherwise be present, such as misconduct or fraud by the third party, or your failure to receive SAO upon duly making payment because of a third-party wallet’s incompatibility with SAO. SAO is not responsible for any risks arising due to the involvement of third parties, including the risk of not receiving (or subsequently losing) any or all SAO you attempt to (or successfully) purchase.