Sustainability As One

Building a strong infrastructure, supporting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and incubating innovation with robust blockchain technology!

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Use Cases Of SAO Tokens

Utility Token

The currency of choice built to promote and envision sustainability. For all things sustainable , SAO will be in the forefront bringing sustainable technologies that encourages more practicability

Model of payment

SAO Token will be the preferred mode of payments in our very own sustainable themed e- commerce web and in our EV Charging infrastructure. In time to come , more of our like- minded partners will also be adopting SAO

Token Promotion

Token will be used to promote and build more awareness in the sustainability developments and supporting projects that are sustainability focused

Wider Acceptance

With the technological support of SAO, more businesses and communities will come onboard our ecosystem and be working together towards sustainability as one.

Preferential rates & Discounts

SAO Token users will get Preferential rates & Discounts with their purchases on our ecosystem

Event Rewards

SAO token will be rewarded for participants that joins our sustainability activities available in our ecosystem

Future Use Cases of SAO Tokens


Aim to creative and faster community engagement via mobile app interaction with users to promote good sustainable practices.Daily/weekly sustainable challenges will be posted on the mobile app for user to engage in return with SAO token rewards


Targets to create digital artwork that are carbon neutral with sustainable efforts in mind which it's revenue will be contributed to completely offset emissions by investing in promising renewable energy,Conservation projects, or technology.

Initial DEX offering

A sustainable unique fundraising model that allows sustainable related project to launch a coin or token via a our very own SAO Decetralized liquidity exchange.


Aims to provide seamless shopping experience to promote sustainable practices and encourage the public to purchase sustainable related products.the market places set will also give a platform for all like-minded businesses to network and market their sustainable related products

Exchanges Listing

With the increase user base of the SAO token, we will have our token listed as well to entice larger audiences to understand our sustainablity project plans ahead.


SAO will embrace more blockchain technology to speed up the sustainability plans and making it feasible for all the individuals & business to adapt.with our own blockchain,we can broadening the scope of ecosystem a decentralized utility

Why Collaborate with us ?

Our First Step Towards A Sustainable Future Is All Set To Begin!

1Q of 2021


Seed Funding/ Private Sale 8%

IDO Launch 20%

Teams 12%

Infrastructure 16%

Marketing / PR 10%

Advisor 2%

Rewards / Discount / Airdrop 10%

Projects 5%

Charity & CSR 3%

Liquidity 3%


  • This phase is focused on developing the MNL’s e-commerce platform and ecosystem. Digitization Approach ( Back-end Software management and Mobile App ) for MNL EV Chargers, Commence Plan to create E-commerce Web & Mobile Shop App for sustainable related products.
  • Creation of SAO Token under the Binance smart Chain. SAO Token is designed as part of the sustainable development roadmap to promote and a call for action to protect the planet sustainability and guarantee for our future generation. Pre-sale launch has invited more than hundreds of interested parties. In view of this, marketing efforts for the SAO Token has begun. Investors will have the opportunity to subscribe for the SAO Token issued by MNL that owns the technology platform and is building a marketplace for the use of this Token.
  • First use case of SAO Token will be available on our E-commerce Web created. This E-Commerce Web of ours will feature a full range of sustainable related technologies , for e.g. Solar Panel Set Ups, EV Chargers and green technologies like LEDs . SAO token holders can then embark with us on this journey to achieve sustainability for our future generations as one. MNL EV Charging Mobile App will also start incorporating accepting SAO Token as part of the payment mode. The launch of the SAO will be through various marketing channels and social media.
  • Plans to expand the use of SAO Token to more platforms and make it more widely accepted with sustainability in mind. In doing so , SAO will work with MNL first to set up more EV Charger infrastructure , increase the awareness of our e-commerce web and work closely with our close partners to increase the use of SAO Token. SAO will work with MNL to set up Assembly Factory in India to produce Electric Motorbike , Solar Panels. For the payment or part payment of, or in exchange for, goods or services for the use of facilities and utilities outside Singapore, the Token will function as a “limited purpose digital payment token” as it is also a non‑monetary customer loyalty or reward point to be used in exchange for goods or services within this ecosystem.
  • MNL will continue to push for more EV adoption with efforts to increase EV charger infrastructure. together with this, MNL will also continue to widen the adoption of SAO token as the preferred payment for our services and will get more of our partners within the ecosystem to accept SAO Token as well. MNL targets to make SAO Token to be the mode of exchange for sustainable related products and services within the ecosystem. Added on marketing efforts will also be in the pipeline to increase the adoption of sustainable related technologies. SAO will also be exploring to NFTs , IDO platforms and marketplaces to expand the use cases.
  • MNL will also continue to widen the adoption of SAO token as the preferred payment for our services and will get more of our close working partners to accept SAO Token as well. MNL targets to make SAO Token to be the currency of choice for sustainable related products and projects. SAO will also be exploring to create NFT - market place and sustainable related IDO platforms , in-corporation with the Meta-verse techs , creation of blockchain to assist sustainable projects and to expand the use cases.