SAO TOKEN Smart Contract Report

SAO token has engaged security professional to provide detail audit checks on the codes set forth for SAO token. This will ensure our investors and users a peace of mind that our token security is tested and validated.

The audit will also be carrying out DApp + Layer 2 Security Review.

A Decentralised application (DApp) operates its backend code on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. A DApp review consists of a smart contract audit for the back-end and “smart” penetration testing for the front-end. A smart pentest checks for any potential server misconfigurations and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). For DApps with rich server logic (database, registration forms, etc.), full pentest should be performed.

A layer 2 architecture and security review is an analysis of the node codebase to discover any unexpected behavior, vulnerabilities, or performance issues that could potentially violate the technical requirements.

The code functionality and logic implementation will be checked as well whether or not the architecture of the application fits the necessary requirements. This review also verifies whether the functionality has been implemented in a high-performance and scalable way as well as analyzing for any potential security issues.

Our Audit Report is also publicly available at the link below